up chic! To visit Sea 1 in Thailand, don't have a Passport and no cost

Travel along Highway 55 interfacing National Road 5, littered along the mountain go from Pursat City to the fringe of the Dac Da outskirt. Thailand, you can remain in Thailand without the need of a visa or international ID.

Pov Phirun, a vacationer, revealed to Sabay that he went from the Thai-Cambodian outskirt into Pursat's Pagoda, Veal Veng area, Pursat territory. The Thai Sea, called "Sovann Keo Thang Leam Khat", is situated in Trat territory, around 20 kilometers away.

The voyager said that going through the fringe between Pursat territory - Trat area was not a travel permit. He says that in the event that we need to visit, it isn't as costly as we can go to the shoreline and return. </s>

As indicated by his own particular experience, he stated: "Really, I leave Pursat town on Friday, perhaps somewhat late. Thmarbat region we can unwind at a guesthouse on Cambodian soil around evening time for $ 10, and on the morning of Saturday we can go to the outskirt of Cambodia - Near Thailand, we can purchase nourishment at the Thai Market name "Noodle" and products are not </s>

In any case, shouldn't something be said about the shoreline? "On the bank of Thailand, they are planning excellent greenhouses, nourishment slows down, ... to talk all the more organized. At Ochheuteal far away, however as far as sand, we lose on the Khmer drift. " He reviewed that in Trat territory, a few shorelines charge just tickets, yet the area in the commonplace town. </s>

Also, National Road 55 is absolutely critical for the western piece of Cambodia since it encourages nearby individuals to be more profitable, The speed of tourism advancement and the change of transport levels in Pursat region have progressed. Consequently, on the off chance that you cross the street, you need to drive at a speed of 30 km/h.

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